We bring you an extensive quality Green Belt, which involves Green Belt services to facilitate the clients to take an absolute advantage of our designs and facilities under one roof. Highly competent and qualified Horticalture Officer renders services, which are appreciated .
Tree and Palm transplantation is gaining popularity as it servers a major role in Environmental conservation. In cases where big upcoming Projects require trees to be removed, the Trees are not brought down, instead they are Transplanted else where.
Also this technique is well utilized in creating instant Gardens as grown up Trees can bring immediate maturity to a plantation job. The same would take years to achieve if go the natural way.
Gardenview has team of qualified Horticulturists who understand the intricacies involved in transplantation jobs. Transplantation strategy varies from Tree to
Tree and Palm to Palm, Same formula does not apply universally. Tools and techniques vary according to many parameters such as the depth of Roots, the age of the Tree, the climate of the place from where it is uprooted and where it is being planted. Also seasons play a major role. All trees cannot be transplanted in all seasons. The major challenge being after the Transplantation work is over. Now comes the challenge of making the Tree/Palm survive and grow healthily in into new location. The job is considered complete only after the Tree stabilizes.
Gardenview has the distinction of undertaken most challenging and large scale Transplantation Projects. The job being done for Hotel Imperial, New Delhi deserves a special mention here. In this case over 100 year old Palms in large nos. were Transplanted successfully with zero mortality.